Do Meds Do More Harm Than Good?

In The Psychology Times, the article Meds Do More Harm than Good? Robert Whitaker Makes His Case To Marriage & Family Therapists proposes the idea that antidepressants are harmful rather than helpful.

Whitaker’s argument, takes an interesting approach to say that “schizophrenics do better off their medication than on and that children on stimulates are more likely to develop a chronic illness.” He also brings up the idea of a “chemical imbalance” and states that it is an urban legend. “In truth, the chemical imbalance notion was always a kind of urban legend, never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.” Whitaker also notes that the medications have no benefit to the patients.

My question for Whitaker is, if medication cannot help these patients then what will?Mental illness is in fact a chemical imbalance that has to do with dopamine and serotonic neurotransmitters. Antidepressants and antipsychotics balance your mood and can overall help patients to live a normal and functioning life. Mental illness just doesn’t vanish, once you have a mental illness it is always present and either you can choose to get on the right medication to live a normal life or you can continue to struggle. A combination of family therapy and medication can promote a patient’s mental health and well-being. Medication is beneficial and can slowly but surely help a person develop a successful life.


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